Vacuuming, what’s the point?

Vacuuming, what’s the point?

North, south, east & west, these are the four main points to remember when vacuuming your carpet.

To keep your carpet looking its best and to help prolong the life of it between professional cleans, vacuuming it in the correct way is an essential process, however, it is often overlooked.

During vacuuming people will tend to move their machine in a back and forth motion and usually quite quickly, this is ok for a quick tidy up especially when visitors are expected! Carpets withhold the majority of dirt deep down in their construction. To remove this, a vacuum machine with rotating brush bar will be needed. When you use a professional carpet cleaning company they should be using such a machine. After a professional clean even a conventional vacuum machine will still help maintain your carpet to high standard by following this procedure.

Vacuum in a north-south (back & forth) direction, followed by an east-west motion on the same area of carpet. The action should be a steady pass away from you with a slower return, approximately 1 foot every 2 seconds, extra attention should be spent on higher foot traffic areas such as doorways and by seating areas. The whole process should be performed slower than the usual way people vacuum. Perform this once a week, even if north-south one week then east-west the next and you will keep dry dirt and soil in your carpet to a minimum, as well as looking fresher and cleaner the pile flattening will be reduced.

It is recommended that you have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 months to keep them looking great and to extend their life.

Gleam Team will be pleased to carry out this for you!

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