Beware of Lowest Price Carpet Cleaning

Beware of Lowest Price Carpet Cleaning

When you decide to have your carpets and upholstery cleaned, you should always take the time to ring around a few local firms for quotes so that you can compare their prices. But is it really a good idea to plump for the cheapest priced job? Here’s why cheapest doesn’t necessarily mean best in the world of carpet cleaning!

What can you expect from the cheapest carpet cleaning company?

Cleaning carpets is simply manual labour and doesn’t really require any specialist knowledge or skills, right? Well, that’s what the cheap cowboy ‘splash and dash’ carpet cleaning companies would like you to believe.

The carpet cleaning industry has no legal requirement for entry and no official training requirements. This means that anyone can hire a carpet cleaning machine, pick up some cheap chemicals, and set up in business.

  • Cheap rental machines don’t do the same job as super-powerful professional ones – that’s why they are so much cheaper. Cheap carpet shampoos won’t shift stubborn stains, they won’t deodorise your carpets, and they won’t kill potentially harmful allergens that could be living deep within the carpet pile. Your carpets will be left really damp, leading to the formation of mould and unpleasant odours that will take forever to get rid of.
  • Underpowered machines can also leave carpets excessively wet, which can cause shrinkage and browning.

As if this wasn’t enough to put you off using the cheapest company, their operatives will probably have received only the bare minimum of training. Mistakes can lead to irreparable damage to your carpets or upholstery, and it’s highly unlikely that the company will have any insurance. This means that you’ll be left footing the bill for the replacement of damaged carpets and furnishings!

When you bear all this in mind, it may come as something of relief to find that these companies are unreliable, frequently failing to turn up at all.

What can you expect from a reputable, more expensive carpet cleaning company?

So, what could you expect from a good professional carpet cleaning company:

  • Full insurance and protection against accidental damage
  • Top-spec, powerful machinery
  • Premium cleaning products
  • Fully-qualified staff
  • In-depth knowledge of stain removal techniques
  • Stain protector treatment
  • Reliability

In conclusion

When choosing a company to entrust with the job of cleaning your valuable carpets and upholstery, it certainly pays to spend a little more, and the old maxim, “you get what you pay for”, certainly applies.

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